Learn to draft patterns that fit your unique measurements, beginning with basic blocks. Then expand your drafting skills by adapting the basic blocks into limitless style variations. I will teach you how!

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"Your video (lesson) is very clever. I like the spreadsheet part. It's actually really cool!"

- Claudine Au (Lawyer & Homemaker)

"I think this is so useful. I think people need this."

- Lorraine Teigland (Sewing Blogger - ikatbag.com)

Keeper of the Tape

I started sewing at 9 years old. Yes, I was that child who cut old table cloths to make floral printed dresses for her stuffed animals. Two decades later, I quit a steady career in teaching to start my own business in the apparel industry, creating patterns and samples for indie brands like Francisca&D, Nala Design & The Batik Boutique. It's been a couple more decades and I can't seem to stop (yes, I have tried). So with a sense of joyous resignation, I continue to create custom clothing and commercial patterns, and find time to teach drafting and sewing at my studio and online.